Instant DogShow Tent 2.5m * 2.5m

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2015 Model with Four Opening Sides    Doors !!!!!

Size 2.5m * 2.5m

Sets Up in under 20 Seconds!!!!

Easy too store in your Car

Dog Show Tent has its own Stylish and Strong  Carry Bag

in total the Dog Show Tent Weighs only 7kg

FibreGlass Frame withstands force 9 wind

Heat Reducing is invaluable in the Summer,   the Dog Show Tent is also completely Waterproof

the Material of the Dog Show Tent is a special Polyester Taffetta with Internal Aluminium Silver Coating ,

with Each Tent we provide the Wind Kit,     approxiametly 30 Strong Pegs and Enough Extra Guide ropes

all of this ensures you a First Class dog show Experience your Tent will be stylish and stands securely in absolutely any outdoor weather conditions

Colours Available    Pink/Silver   Lilac/Lilac   Blue/Silver  Grey/Silver   Green/Silver